Woman sat on mountain Hypnotherapy for fears
Are you struggling with a fear or phobia? 
These could be resolved effectively through hypnosis. 
Girl on sofa relaxed smiling after Hypnotherapy
How good would it feel, if you could get a real handle on any issues you have right now with stress or anxiety?  
Hypnotherapy could leave you feeling relaxed and in control.  
Girl sleeping restfully after Hypnotherapy treatment
Imagine having a great nights sleep. 
Would you like to awaken feeling energised and refreshed? 
Three people relaxed inside a plane one smiles
Are you afraid of flying? 
Hypnotherapy may help you enjoy flying. 
Heart shaped plate with tape measure
Imagine for a moment how you would feel, upon reaching your goal weight.  
Hypnotherapy may help you tackle weight loss and could provide positive changes to your lifestyle.  
Woman breaking a cigarette after Hypnosis
Would you like to quit smoking for good?  
Hypnotherapy could enhance willpower and boost your chances of success. 


Remember I am here to help, should you have any questions regarding Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy please email or give me a call. 
Most often I will be with clients conducting a Hypnotherapy session, so should I be unavailable please do leave a message as I always aim to respond the same day. 
Redmayne Lodge clinic 01904 501500 
Mobile 07580 020785 
Skype @TheHypnotherapyGuy 
Email darren@thehypnotherapyguy.co.uk or alternatively complete the contact form on this page and it will email me directly. 
Blue sky with clouds over poppy field
Play button How Hypnotherapy can help
How Hypnotherapy can help 
Beautiful purple sunset with hammock foreground
Play button Getting Started with Hypnosis
Getting started with Hypnotherapy 
Butterfly hovering over blossom tree
Play button What to expect from Hypnotherapy
What to expect from Hypnotherapy 
Cupped hand upturned with soil and sapling growing
Play button How Hypnotherapy works
How Hypnosis works