Frequently Asked Questions 

When might Hypnotherapy be useful? 
The use of Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis could be used as a treatment for breaking habits, dealing with stress related issues and for a range of long-term health issues. I also have a great deal of experience in helping those looking to lose weight, and it is here where hypnosis can provide both a boost to your chances of success and enhance willpower.  
In recent years, hypnosis has gained support from some medical professionals and leading institutions. While more concrete evidence is needed to support the use of Hypnosis as an alternative to conventional medicine, some have found the process of Clinical Hypnotherapy to be effective either when used in tandem with traditional treatment or when used independently after other avenues have been exhausted. 
How does Hypnotherapy work? 
Through Hypnosis, you are placed into a very relaxed state and many feel that it is similar to being in a pleasant daydream. Whilst in this relaxed and comfortable state I use the power of suggestion. These positive suggestions connect with your subconscious mind to facilitate positive changes. 
How safe is Hypnotherapy? 
Hypnotherapy is very safe, especially when working with a skilled practitioner. It is of course natural to wonder what might happen during Hypnosis. There is of course a huge difference between stage Hypnosis and Clinical Hypnotherapy, and the former has created many unnecessary myths and misconceptions. You remain in full control and together we are only making the changes that you choose. For positive change to take effect, you need to want those changes to happen and this means you cannot be made to do things against your will. 
Will I be aware of what’s happening? 
Hypnotherapy is designed to empower you and put you in control, my voice acts as a way to facilitate this. You will be deeply relaxed, but are still aware of what is being said. I tap into your imagination and guide you in a way that can help you resolve issues, both safely and effectively. 
Any other questions? 
It is natural to have questions regarding Clinical Hypnotherapy and hypnosis, I am happy to answer any questions you may have. It would be challeniging to try and answer every single question that may arise about hypnosis or hypnotherapy through my website, and I encourage you to call me with any question that would be relative to you personally.  
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How Hypnotherapy can help 
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Getting started with Hypnotherapy 
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What to expect from Hypnotherapy 
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How Hypnosis works