If you would like to discuss how Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis could help you, then do get in touch.  
As I, understand the need for you to feel confident and comfortable in my ability and what to expect when working together. 
An initial discussion can be carried out in any of the following ways. 
• Via email 
• Telephone 
• Skype 
• Face to face 
Costs are as follows: 
Initial Consultation: One of the best ways to discover the positive benefits of hypnosis for yourself is by attending a 30 minute session, where we would discuss what you would like to achieve through hypnotherapy. I would also, provide you with a personal demonstration of just how relaxing and pleasant the hypnotic process can be. The charge for this initial consultation is £30.  
Combined Consultation and Hypnotherapy session: Come and discover the benefits of hypnosis for yourself, as I combine the initial consultation with targeted hypnotherapy as together we bring about positive change. This session will last around 90 minutes and will involve a minimum of two separate hypnotherapeutic treatments. The charge for the session is £75. 
Everyone is of course unique, for some a single hypnotherapeutic session is all that is required to overcome many issues, this especially applies to those with a phobia.  
Follow up sessions: I like to make my help as affordable as possible and should further sessions be required, they last around an hour and are charged at £49. Outside of those looking looking for on-going support, it is rare that a see anyone more than a couple of times.  
On-going support: I have a number of clients who benefit from regular sessions and from my continued support, some of the most common issues I help to resolve are related to stress, anxiety and confidence issues. I also, provide on-going support to those looking to lose weight, and I have helped hundreds of people to successfully reach their personal weight loss goal.  
This on-going support is delivered, through my skills and qualifications as a motivation therapist, coach and clinical hypnotherapist.  
The frequency and duration of this support varies, depending upon the goals of those I work with. These sessions will last for an hour, and cost £49.  
Once a client starts to see changes towards their desired outcomes, they can look ahead with a more future focused outlook, rather than dwelling upon how they may have felt or functioned historically.  
Hypnosis is highly effective when dealing with negative thoughts and ideas, great results can be achieved for those suffering from a number of conditions. Often, clients are surprised at just how effective Hypnotherapy can be across such a wide range of conditions and issues. It can even help those suffering from medical issues and I have also used hypnosis and hypnotherapy in pain management. It is important to add that hypnotherapy is in no way a cure, and it is recommended to seek advice from your medical team before undergoing hypnosis for pain management. There are however a growing number of health professionals that are happy to explore the benefits of this particular field of complimentary therapy.  
Smoking cessation: Hypnosis to help those wanting to become non-smokers, is highly effective and offers great value. I have found the most successful approach is delivered over two full sessions, for which I charge £225. You will be provided with a professional recording of the session, so you in effect always have access to support. In the unlikely event you felt the need for a top up session in the first six months after becoming a non-smoker, there would be no additional charge. These sessions are delivered in person at Redmayne Lodge, Strensall, York, YO32 5YL, with smokers travelling from miles around to achieve the result they crave.  
Problem solving: Including phobias and unwanted habits- £75 per session, which normally last 90 minutes. To treat for example a spider phobia or fear of flying, these can sometimes be resolved in just a single hypnotherapy session, however I have had clients with complex phobias requiring more than one session. I want you to resolve any issue swiftly, as this way you will rave about your results to friends, family and work colleagues.  
Depending on your preference, Hypnotherapy sessions can take place at either of my two clinics, or at a place more suitable to you and your personal circumstance. I have one ground floor clinic, which is accessible to those suffering from mobility issues, however some assistance would be required and I would be happy to provide this. My clinic in Strensall, York is located on the 1st floor.  
If you would like to meet at a place of your choice, rather than either of my two clinics there is a mileage cost of 45p per mile from Acaster Malbis, YO23 2TY and travelling expenses ranging from £10 to £30 depending on the location.  
My preference is of course to invite you to come along and experience the positive benefits of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, at either of my clinics here in York, North Yorkshire. One of which is located by a small lake, where weather permitting, you can enjoy a tranquil and relaxing lakeside setting prior to treatment and a number of clients have enjoyed their treatment outdoors. 
Indoor Hypnotherapy sessions take place in a pleasant environment where you can sink into a soft leather reclining chair, where you can choose the perfect position to relax, unwind and become comfortable. 
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How Hypnotherapy can help 
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What to expect from Hypnotherapy 
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How Hypnosis works