How Hypnosis works 

For many the idea of Hypnosis involves people being made to do things against their will. Stage Hypnosis is far removed from Clinical Hypnotherapy which could provide positive long term benefits for your overall health and well-being. The key is to find a professional Hypnotherapist, that strives to deliver positive results. I care about my clients, and want what is best for them. My business is founded on providing positive lasting change and hypnosis is high effective in making this possible.  

It is understandable to question whether Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy could work for you, a family member or loved one. 
A skilled practitioner will have invested thousands of pounds in training, be registered with professional bodies such as The General Hypnotherapy Register and The Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council. The latter was established with Government funding and support, with these organisations designed to set minimum professional standards in complimentary therapy and Hypnosis. These regulatory bodies are designed to provide the public with both confidence and reassurance. In addition as a member, they will also subscribe to the idea of continual professional development in order that they keep up to date with new developments and techniques within their field of expertise. 
By listening very carefully to my clients I can build a clear picture of the issues they face and through the use of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, I can utilise the power of positive suggestion and language patterns to access the subconscious mind. 
Our subconscious mind stores millions of pieces of information, think back to perhaps your first kiss or that first day at work. If you relax and perhaps close your eyes, you will be able to think about many pleasurable experiences in your life. 
Hypnotherapy helps people relax and draw upon these positive experiences and their own internal resources.  
Many people have a mistaken belief that through hypnosis they will be put to sleep. However, what actually happens is they enter a deeply relaxing state. One where they are in control as they just listen to my voice, whilst remaining aware of other external sounds. Often individuals are stunned to learn how much time has passed whilst in a hypnotic state. 
Positive change can only be achieved if someone wants to change. For example if a client comes stating they wish to stop smoking, if this desire to stop isn’t theirs, but instead through external pressure, then hypnosis will not be as effective. Which comes back to my earlier point about getting people to do things against their will. A stage hypnotist is getting people to carry out temporary acts upon those that have entered the stage open to both fun and suggestion. 
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How Hypnotherapy can help 
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Getting started with Hypnotherapy 
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What to expect from Hypnotherapy 
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How Hypnosis works