Hypnosis for Weight loss 

Having lost over six stones in weight myself, I have a better understanding than most as to what it is like to have a weight issue. There can also, be few hypnotherapists that will have anything like the experience I have when it comes to helping those wanting to lose weight and keep it off. I trained with the UK's leading slimming organisation and have helped hundreds of people to lose weight. This was before I became a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and as such I am better equipped than ever to deliver life changing results for you.  

There are some practitioners of hypnosis and hypnotherapy that would use a hypnotic gastric band to help their clients lose weight. This is something I am strongly against, so if you are looking for this option, then I am not the therapist and weight loss coach for you. I want to empower my clients to make great choices, have flexibility and above all to enjoy their food.  
Hypnotherapy is of course a highly effective tool for weight loss, with increased willpower, motivation and control being delivered to those that I work with. Imagine having your very own dial of self-control and/or motivation (like an old fashioned thermostatic controller) that you could alter when you choose.  
Do you really want to go off on an all inclusive holiday to watch what you eat?  
Whilst getting ready for your holiday and that all important beachwear and poolside attire, you can feel happy being more focused. The key in the delivery of my work, is flexibility and being able to remove any feelings of guilt.  
Through my skills as a coach, I educate and inspire clients to love food and savour what they eat, especially their favourite treats.  
I have even used hypnosis to help clients exercise in their sleep. 
As with all the work I do as a Clinical Hypnotherapist here in York, the key is making the changes that you want and desire. For hypnosis to be effective, the therapist will only make the changes that you would like.  
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