What to expect from Hypnotherapy 

I would suggest an initial discussion is carried out, before deciding whether Hypnotherapy will work for you. These discussions would take place via telephone, email, text, Skype or face to face. This initial discussion is designed to find out whether Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis would be of benefit for you, it is also important to know if Clinical Hypnotherapy is suitable for you, and there is no charge for this part of my service. I want prospective clients to feel relaxed and confident that Hypnosis will be of benefit to their specific needs.  

This initial discussion is not compulsory, and many clients find me through recommendation from friends and family, where they have perhaps experienced similar conditions and positive results.  
On rare occasions there can contraindication's where hypnosis and hypnotherapy are unsuitable for the client, and if you are in any doubt I would suggest discussing the matter with your medical team or GP first. I am also here to help and advise, however if you have any illness or condition that you think may be adversely affected by hypnosis, please first seek medical advice.  
As I mention throughout this website, hypnosis is extremely safe when delivered by a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and a number of medical professions and leading organsations believe in hypnotherapy and trust hypnosis to safely make positive changes to those in need of its benefits.  
Should you decide you would wish to benefit from my knowledge and expertise as a Hypnotherapist, we can then arrange an initial appointment.  
For those visiting either of my clinics here in York, North Yorkshire, there is off street parking available and clear directions will be provided to ensure you can look forward to appointment day. The clinic in Strensall www.redmaynelodge.co.uk, also has good public transport links 
Upon arrival you will be greeted warmly and asked to complete a simple health questionnaire.  
To help clients relax and feel comfortable, early within the first appointment, I conduct a brief demonstration of hypnosis, and this will aid your understanding of what to expect, enhance your overall comfort and place you in a more relaxed state, which in turn boosts the effectiveness of the Hypnotherapy session. 
Your initial Hypnotherapy session will last around 90 minutes. 
Hypnosis will place you in a state of deep relaxation and focus. Through Hypnosis and Clinical Hypnotherapy, we are able to detach the conscious mind from those every day challenges and demands, this then allows the subconscious part of our minds to become more open to positive suggestion.  
Once in the deeply relaxed state that Hypnosis provides, a skilled Hypnotherapist can positively effect the long standing thoughts, feelings or behaviours that you wish to change.  
Please ensure you only use a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist whom is registered and regulated by a number of professional bodies. Through the advice of the General Medical Council, Doctors can refer patients to any Hypnotherapist who is a member of the Complementary and Natural Health Council (CNHC). So, always look to find a therapist that is approved by this body as they will have high ethical standards and subscribe to both continual assessment and professional development through CPD. 
To find out more about how Hypnosis works please follow this link > 
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How Hypnotherapy can help 
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Getting started with Hypnotherapy 
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What to expect from Hypnotherapy 
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How Hypnosis works