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Can hypnotherapy help with alcoholism?

I like the work of Dr Gabor Maté and much of what he has to say about addiction, resonates with me and makes a great deal of sense based on my professional experience, in that unresolved trauma, play a significant part in addiction.
Without resolving trauma and significant emotional events, the addict is far more likely to either continue with or revert back to whatever it is they are addicted to.

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Top tips when choosing a UK-based Hypnotherapist.

So, you have decided to seek the help of a Hypnotherapist, there are still many things to consider, especially as many of those seeking help, will have unsuccessfully tried other forms of therapy. How can we ensure that we are seeking the help of a trained professional and what are the practical aspects to consider as part of your selection process?

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Elderly lady comforting younger woman who is upset and showing signs of distress

How you can release and resolve traumatic memories?

Few things in life are certain, other than death and taxes. Well I can think of something else that is certainly going to happen and that will have already happened in your life, which is often given less consideration than it deserves.
What is that thing? Well, it relates to memories, of which we all have plenty. Things which are filed away until someone brings them to our attention, like remembering your first kiss, your first holiday or how about your favourite film?

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