Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

You will be made to feel comfortable, at ease and any questions you have will be answered. You will be asked questions about yourself and your issue. Together we will discuss the options and the best way to proceed. Hypnotherapy is for me best described as guided mediation, you are fully aware of your surroundings and very much in control of your own thoughts and feelings. I am of course guiding you in a positive and nurturing way and your thoughts are exclusively your thoughts. As you listen to my voice, the goal is for your mind and body to become very relaxed, the positive suggestions made are then absorbed at a deeper level within our minds. Various techniques may be used, including Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Eye Movement Therapy and Neuro-linguistic Programming. Towards the end of the session, we will discuss your experience and what you take away from the session.

This depends on the type of problem and the progress made at each session. Some simple problems can be resolved in 1 or 2 sessions. Sometimes, with more deep-rooted issues, more sessions would be beneficially. We are always working on a session-by-session basis and I will never market unnecessary multi session packages. I have never approved of therapists selling packages and strive to resolve issues swiftly and safely. When you look at reviews of my work, you will see a vast majority of my clients have only seen me a handful of times, some only once. Everyone is unique and it is hard to say exactly without at having some background and knowledge as to what you would like help with, so please give me a call on 07580 020785.

I like to think that my record speaks for itself and as you do research about myself and hypnotherapy in general, you will see it serves as a successful therapeutic technique. I would like to think you would be pleasantly surprised at the range of people I have helped and the diverse issues I have helped resolved. Do remember, any form of therapy is a two-person job, there needs to be a level of effort and desire on your part. I’m skilled in a complimentary range of skills and I use a cutting-edge blend of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching and The BLAST Technique®. I am even qualified as a Motivation Therapist. I conduct a thorough consultation process and if I felt that you would be better served by different methods and skills to the one’s that I possess, then I would guide you in the best direction for your specific needs.

Research has shown that hypnotherapy can help relieve stress, fear, and anxiety, and I have worked with many anxious clients.


There can be any number of reasons why a client might be stressed and often, there are unresolved triggers or traumatic events that play a part in the individual feeling overly anxious.


The amygdala has a central role in anxiety responses to stressful and arousing situations and through the eye movement therapy work that I do, I am able to help clients process memories and in turn desensitise the amygdala.


It will likely require a multi session approach, although not always. Typically, 4-6 sessions would provide a significant improvement and I am able to evidence numerous successes, as I measure both PHQ-9 and GAD-7 with a range of brief questions, designed to benchmark how anxious the client is at the outset.

Hypnotherapy may be helpful for those that are struggling to sleep well. There are several ways in which I have helped people here at York Hypnotherapy Clinic and for some just allowing both the body and mind to relax, the benefits can be ideal for those struggling to fall asleep.


There can be any number of psychological reasons as to why someone is struggling to sleep, and I am well equipped to help with this side of things through the eye movement therapy that I do. I also provide my clients with a special kind of music which is designed to help our brains relax. It is not unusual for good sleep to be a positive side effect, even when the client came to see me about something completely unrelated to sleep.

I charge a very reasonable £75 a session and I am often told by my clients and peers, that I should be charging more. Unlike many of my competitors there is no increase in what I charge for smokers as an example. I have seen people charging double, treble, or more and I feel this is taking advantage of the issue that some has. I also work on a pay as we go basis, I have again seen therapist selling blocks of sessions. What happens when the issue is resolved in less session than the block already paid for? I strive to help my clients as swiftly as possible, whilst always following the best practice. My reputation is excellent as you can see from the great many reviews I have, and I receive an amazing amount of word-of-mouth recommendations. The first session lasts at least 75 minutes as this provides me with the opportunity to do a thorough fact find. Additional session where required last at least 60 minutes. Some issues can be resolved in just a single session, not all.

Although not a proven treatment method, hypnotherapy is an alternative technique that has been gaining popularity in the past few years for various ailments including alcohol abuse. The idea is to relax the mind of the addicted individual and open them up to new concepts that may help them overcome their addiction. In addition to hypnotherapy, I am skilled in resolving trauma through eye movement therapy, and a great many of those I help with addictions have previously experienced trauma, which has then gone on to fuel more destructive behaviours. Dr Gabor Maté, conducted a brilliant TED talk on the matter and has written a book called ‘In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction’. In my professional experience and many others, unresolved trauma drives addiction and without first resolving matters, it makes treating the addiction challenging and sometimes futile.

Hypnotherapy is a highly effective in helping those who have a fear of air travel. I have helped a great many people to really enjoy flying and if you look closely at my reviews, I am sure you will see more than one individual sharing how successful the therapy has been. In addition to my skills as a Hypnotherapists, I am also highly skilled in providing eye movement therapy, which helps resolve any negative memories of previously bad experiences or trauma and this is one of my favourite tools when resolving any fear whatever it might be. So, if you would like to feel comfortable while flying, what are you waiting for. To book now, click the URL:

There are many myths and misconceptions that surround hypnosis and hypnotherapy, film, TV, and stage have a great deal to answer for in my opinion. What people have seen stops them accessing the therapeutic help they require. Hypnosis is very natural and is best described as daydreaming, whilst in this relaxed daydream state, you can hear what I say, hear external noise, move if you choose and speak if you want. We are all unique and everyone’s experience will differ slightly, people can find their minds wandering, others lose track of time thinking that they’ve spent two- or three-minutes relaxing, only to find it has been 20 minutes or more of for some, the deepest relaxation they have ever experienced.

Hypnotherapy could make certain conditions such as psychosis or certain types of personality disorder worse. If you have a condition such as those mentioned, please check with your GP first before arranging to work with a Hypnotherapist.


If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please use the contact us page.