How you can release and resolve traumatic memories?

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Few things in life are certain, other than death and taxes. Well I can think of something else that is certainly going to happen and that will have already happened in your life, which is often given less consideration than it deserves.

What is that thing? Well, it relates to memories, of which we all have plenty. Things which are filed away until someone brings them to our attention, like remembering your first kiss, your first holiday or how about your favourite film?

The human mind is nothing short of outstanding. When you sit for a moment and think about what it does on our behalf, I would like to think you have to be suitably impressed with the things our minds and bodies do. Things which we rarely think about unless there is an issue. Like breathing. Just for a moment now, notice your breathing –  the rise, and the fall of your chest, we barely give a second thought to this most important of functions.

Many of you reading this, will have experienced fantastic highs and significant lows. We are stronger than we give ourselves credit for, and again I believe, like breathing, we give little thought to the way our minds operate.

How the brain works

Neuroscientists say we have a long way to go, when it comes to understanding our brains and is the little surprise when you learn there are approximately 86 billion neurons.

Did you know that the right half of your brain controls your left hand and vice versa, left brain, right hand?  Are you even aware that we have these left and right hemispheres?

Although each side of our brain is likely to be the same size, they carry out different functions. For example, our right brain is more creative and imaginative, and our left brain is more logical and analytical.

As a therapist who deals in human excellence, I am fascinated by the brain. There was a time in my life, where I only gave it attention when it was functioning in a way that I felt was not serving me well. For example when I felt down or depressed, and back then, you may have heard me saying something like “I am sick of thinking and feeling like this”.

Having invested in my mental well-being, thoughts such as this are now few and far between.

This is due to the work I have done to resolve negative memories, including bereavement and relationship failures.

I have a goal when writing this post, and that goal is to educate you about something of real importance; the past and those significant emotional events amongst your memories.

Eye movement therapy

Just over four years ago, I learnt a vital skill, that I could have never envisaged would be so wonderfully effective, and positively life changing for those, I have helped.

This skill is eye movement therapy, and I find that an exceedingly small percentage of the population have ever heard of this, and even fewer have experienced it.

Back in the late 80’s, Francine Shapiro, created Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR). The story goes that she was involved with the creators of Neuro-linguistic Programming, which precedes EMDR.

Over the last four or more years, I have used eye movement therapy thousands of times. It is at this point that I must give credit to Nick Davies who is the creator and developer behind the BLAST Technique®. This has played a significant part in helping me positively change the lives of hundreds of people, in resolving thousands of memories. I have found it to be an amazingly fast and effective technique.

In addition to what I have learned from Nick, I am also a Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming and I am also an Advanced Hypnotherapist, Coach and Mentor.

Carrying your emotional baggage on your back

I would like you to think about this metaphor, that we all carry around an emotional rucksack. Contained within are rocks, stones and sand. The rocks represent incredibly significant emotional events – things such as bereavement, physical and/or sexual abuse. The stones perhaps, relationship break ups, or the loss of a job, although either of these could also be a rock.

Now it is important to add here, that significant emotional events are very subjective to each individual. For example, I have worked on a memory relating to the Hokey Cokey, or Hokey Pokey as it is known in the USA and Canada, I believe. In this instance, my client suffered from social anxiety and had a truly clear and vivid memory of being forced to participate in this dance at quite a young age. 

At the opposite end of the spectrum, for another individual, would be the sexual abuse of a young child, who was sitting in my therapy room 60 years after the event, still able to recall those events. However, the beautiful thing about The BLAST Technique® is its ability to work on a memory without a client needing to reveal the content of the actual events. Yes, they must think about that event inside their minds, as we work upon it, and as I say to my clients “short term discomfort, for long term comfort”.

Having carried that memory around for as long as they have, it requires a deft touch from me as a therapist; together with the rock-solid confidence I have in my methods and techniques that we will process the memory in a way that is right for each individual, and thereby allow them to lighten their load. I often have clients telling me that they feel lighter afterwards, or that the emotional burden has been lifted.

Ways that the Blast Technique can help

There are other techniques that would repress, supress, or even cause confusion. Instead I am making use of this amazing technique, and its ability to facilitate the processing of specific memories.

Herein lies the key. The fact we can resolve memories in a way that is right for each individual. Here are some of the other areas in which I have helped those that have worked with me, either in person, or globally via webcam.

I am commonly helping people overcome anxiety, depression, addiction, insomnia. In addition, I have found Blast effective in resolving physical trauma, such as road traffic accidents, aiding physical recovery. I can think of at least two examples of clients that attended my offices with two walking sticks, who were very quickly able to walk unassisted once they were no longer bothered by what had happened. The traumatic memory had just become a distance memory, allowing them to become detached and disassociated from the memory itself.

There is a lot of interesting research out there and here Harvard Medical School, discuss the impact that trauma can have on our health.

Or for those that prefer to read a book ‘The Body Keeps the Score’ by Bessel A. Van der Kolk makes insightful reading.

How I could help you

So, coming back to the metaphorical rucksack that we all carry around with us, I am especially interested in working with those that are carrying those rocks and stones, and am well-equipped to help them.

If, when you look back at past events, you experience a gamut of emotions and notice physical sensations, probably coupled with negative self-talk or phrases which you attach to those memories, then I want you to realise there is a way in which you can lighten the load and clean out the rucksack.

I would like to think that this post has piqued your interest, and I am sure that you, or someone close to you, would benefit from positively changing the way you think and feel about past events.

Rather than take my word for the efficacy of the tools I possess and the skills I impart, please do look at what others say about me and my work below.


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