"I believe that I use words to change the way people think, act, and feel, be this about themselves or others"

Can Hypnotherapy Help Me Think More Positively?

Before becoming a therapist, I first choose to run a coaching business and as I built upon my skills, I learned about Neuro-linguistic Programming. I am a Master Practitioner of NLP and it’s a grand title I feel. In more simpler terms, I believe that I use words to change the way people think, act, and feel, be this about themselves or others.

As part of creating NLP, its creators John Grinder and Richard Bandler modelled people whom where successful in the field and they studied language and language patterns, to find what played a part in the success of these individuals.

Much is written about NLP, it has advocates and detractors, rather than it being the holy grail as some would promote, for myself, it is part of my toolkit and hypnotherapy and NLP are closely linked, as Bandler and Grinder studied and model Milton Erickson who is sometimes referred to as the Godfather of hypnotherapy.

One thing is clear, many of our actions take place at an unconscious level, these programs form part of who we are. Again, there is much written about conscious versus subconscious (often referred to as unconscious) and figures relating to what percentage of our minds are operating consciously or subconscious vary from 5% to 20% typically. I am certain of one thing, regardless of the actual percentage, the lions share of what we do is very much done at this subconscious/unconscious level.



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Could hypnotherapy and the work I do with eye movement therapy be the answer?

As you read this, how much attention were you giving to your breathing or the beating of your heart?

Pause for a moment, reflect on something as simple as walking, we barely give it a second thought, we simply walk, we have learned this programme and perfected this task.

Imagine being able to reprogramme your mind, changing your mindset, ensuring that you perform as near to your peak as possible.

You will hear me talk time and again about our past, we have learned skills and formed habits, we have beliefs about ourselves and the world around us, we have our own values or moral codes by which we abide. I am different to you and you are different to your neighbour, there will of course be many similarities.

Our past shapes who we are, for some, it can define who we are.

Memories are pivotal in our personal development, however, what if through programming and conditioning we started to believe in the limitations set by ourselves and others?

A great example for me would be Roger Bannister and the 4-minute mile, there is a great deal written and I am unsure how much is true. One thing is certain, once this psychological barrier was broken it was broken repeatedly in a short space of time and the current record (1/2/2021) stands at 3 minutes and 43 seconds. 

What psychological barriers do you have?

I would like to help you break though them and allow you to go beyond whatever self-limiting beliefs you may have at this time.

As a Coach, Motivation Therapist and someone that has over 50 years’ experience of life, helping you smash through self-imposed barriers is such a rewarding and fulfilling way to help people.

Why choose me to help?

Around 1% of UK Hypnotherapists complete an advanced hypnotherapy qualification and whilst I am unsure of the actual numbers within each professional body, and even less so overseas, I know that this is the case with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and within my membership of the General Hypnotherapy Register. I have made the effort and investment required to complete this next phase of my professional development and can call myself an Advanced Practitioner.

In studying for my Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma (NQF 6), I was fortunate enough to study with ex-Sheffield Hallam University lecturer Doctor Paul Peace, Philosophy (PHD), Psychology, and Karen Bartle who holds a master’s degree in Health/Medical Psychology.

Throughout my career as a Hypnotherapist, I have been fortunate to study with people whom I consider to be some of the best in the business and in addition to studying with Karen and Paul, I trained with Matthew Ferguson and he has worked with Olympic athletes, Doctors and Psychiatrists to name but a few professions and he has over 25 years’ experience of Hypnosis and Clinical Hypnotherapy, and he also shared some fantastic knowledge and expertise with me.

I was also, fortunate enough to study with Nick Davies who created the BLAST Technique®

The studying I completed with Nick, sees me able to resolve negative memories through eye movement, and this is one of the most valuable skills I possess. I have studied numerous times with him and there are less than 50 Advanced BLAST Technique practitioner® in the world (3/2/21), of which I am one.

In short, I have an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, I am a Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic programming, a skilled eye movement therapist, a qualified Advanced BLAST Technique practitioner®, as well as also being a Motivation Therapist and Coach. I have helped thousands of people and I am confident that my help will positively make a difference, however, rather take my word for this, I would encourage you to read the reviews left by others, you can do this by clicking the link below.



So, if you are looking for a skilled hypnotherapist, with a wealth of experience in helping people to excel in their chosen discipline or field, then I recommend you get in touch, knowing that I can help wherever in the world you might be.