"The subject of pregnancy and my work is a complex one and there can be many different aspects to this"


The subject of pregnancy and my work is a complex one and there can be many different aspects to this, and many we perhaps would not consider unless we had experienced them personally or worked with them professionally.

I have worked with males, who have had erection issues and struggled to get aroused and this has gotten in the way of conception. There have been times where I have worked with both males and females, that have experienced at least one miscarriage and I would like to expand upon this.

If you, or someone you know has ever had a miscarriage, it can be a very traumatic and as I specialise in resolving trauma through eye movement therapy, it is wise to process these thoughts, feelings, and emotions where necessary. Everyone will feel the pain of loss from a miscarriage, many process this in a natural way over time, some bear the scars long after.

For those still effected by a miscarriage, it would be wise to resolve the trauma before becoming pregnant again. I would never knowingly work on a trauma with an expectant mother in the first or second trimester, whilst we would always look to avoid physical trauma during pregnancy, we can be unsure what risks are being posed to an unborn child when we work on mental trauma and it is best to air on the side of caution. as there could be a risk to the unborn child.


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"If you or someone you know is looking to have a baby, I can help in many ways, some which you may have not have even yet considered"

Where possible, I would recommend any trauma relating miscarriage, the same also applies to those that have had traumatic births, where you are able to vividly relive the experience.

I have several successes to my name where couple have been trying for years to conceive and then suddenly, they have been successful, sometime this has just been a positive side effect of us working together.

One lady in particular stands out in my mind, she came to see me for stress and anxiety issues, never spoke about wanting to get pregnant or the fact she had been trying for over two years, then she called me. Never the best start to a call when someone says, “I have something I didn’t tell you!”.

In no way, am I saying, that by seeing me she was able to get pregnant, it would just appear to be a happy coincidence, and we are more aware then ever regarding the impact stress and anxiety has on our mental and physical wellbeing and she certainly felt there had been a connection.

In the last trimester, I have worked with expectant first-time mum’s who were anxious about the thoughts of giving birth and the feedback afterwards has been superb.

So, if you or someone you know is looking to have a baby, I can help in many ways, some which you may have not have even yet considered.



Why choose me to help?

Around 1% of UK Hypnotherapists complete an advanced hypnotherapy qualification and whilst I am unsure of the actual numbers within each professional body, and even less so overseas, I know that this is the case with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and within my membership of the General Hypnotherapy Register. I have made the effort and investment required to complete this next phase of my professional development and can call myself an Advanced Practitioner.

In studying for my Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma (NQF 6), I was fortunate enough to study with ex-Sheffield Hallam University lecturer Doctor Paul Peace, Philosophy (PHD), Psychology, and Karen Bartle who holds a master’s degree in Health/Medical Psychology.

Throughout my career as a Hypnotherapist, I have been fortunate to study with people whom I consider to be some of the best in the business and in addition to studying with Karen and Paul, I trained with Matthew Ferguson and he has worked with Olympic athletes, Doctors and Psychiatrists to name but a few professions and he has over 25 years’ experience of Hypnosis and Clinical Hypnotherapy, and he also shared some fantastic knowledge and expertise with me.

I was also, fortunate enough to study with Nick Davies who created the BLAST Technique®

The studying I completed with Nick, sees me able to resolve negative memories through eye movement, and this is one of the most valuable skills I possess. I have studied numerous times with him and there are less than 50 Advanced BLAST Technique practitioner® in the world (3/2/21), of which I am one.

In short, I have an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, I am a Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic programming, a skilled eye movement therapist, a qualified Advanced BLAST Technique practitioner®, as well as also being a Motivation Therapist and Coach. I have helped thousands of people and I am confident that my help will positively make a difference, however, rather take my word for this, I would encourage you to read the reviews left by others, you can do this by clicking the link below.



So, if you are looking for a skilled hypnotherapist, with a wealth of experience in helping people to excel in their chosen discipline or field, then I recommend you get in touch, knowing that I can help wherever in the world you might be.