"One of the best ways to gain confidence in myself and my work is through the words of others"

Hypnotherapy can help you with a huge range of issues

I was going through a crisis of anxiety when I sought out Darren’s help. From the get go he was warm and understanding, and he really listened to me and tailored the sessions according to what I needed. The sessions were amazing, they gave me such a deep sense of relaxation and space. It was this relaxation and space that helped me to see things more clearly and move through the crisis I was in. What I liked about Darren was how clearly compassionate he was about my situation. My self-esteem had been very low when I approached Darren, and it had recovered a lot by the time the sessions ended. If you’re struggling and need some help finding your way, I would hugely recommend taking sessions with Darren


I sought help from Darren following an episode of severe work related stress causing significant anxiety, insomnia and low mood which led to me taking a significant amount of time off work and eventually leave the post for a new role. He was very understanding and helped me regain my confidence and self belief that had been shattered. Even after just 1 session, I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and my symptoms improved. He is also very keen to ensure that resolution is managed within a sensible time frame rather than dragging on for weeks at a time. For me this was 4 sessions and I have been back to my normal, resilient self, including managing the pressure of starting the new post in the midst of a pandemic which was the major contributor to my original stress. Mu daughter has also sought help from Darren for other problems and has equally found the support invaluable. I would certainly recommend seeking Darren’s help as a alternative support or additional support to conventional medicine. I thought I would need anti anxiolytic or anti depressant medication to help me through this period and my daughter was on strong pain killers prior to seeking support, I did not need medication and my daughter has managed to come off her pain relief.


Due to negative life events, I have tried many different forms of complimentary therapy including Counselling, Hypnotherapy and Reiki, to help me resolve my feelings and emotions towards the past. Until meeting Darren, my experiences of processing memories had been mediocre at best. I was recommended his services through a friend and despite the fact I live over an hours drive away, I trusted my friends recommendation and booked an appointment. From a therapeutic standpoint, this has been one of the best decisions I have made as rather than try and put an Elastoplast over issues, together we’ve processed memories through the eye movement work which Darren does. I am not going to try and explain what he does, instead I recommend that you find out for yourself just how effective a therapist he is.


Darren has helped my daughter after the death of her father two years ago. Besides the acute pain that went with his death, there were ten years of illness that preceded his death, thus causing chronic anticipatory grief, which in turn resulted in a series of viral illnesses in my daughter. Difficulties at school, and with her relationship with her father all added up to enormous “baggage”. Darren has been an enormous help to her and I strongly recommend anyone with issues of any sort…Big or small… To see him.


The ultimate stress reliever! A perfectly, relaxing & soothing experience. Want to feel on Cloud 9? Darren’s hypnotherapy is the way! Whether you are by the sea, or in the countryside, you feel refreshed and grounded after only one session. Thank you for helping me learn to relax again and have a little ‘me’ time. X


So I have been meaning to write a review for Darren for quite some time, far too long really but that is because it really is hard to put into words what Darren has done for me. I had an awful reoccurring traumatic memory centring around the direct aftermath of my fathers sudden death. This is a memory that would evoke a strong sense of uncontrollable anxiety and would leave me breathless. I met Darren through LinkedIn and after having a chat via zoom when the lockdown restrictions eased we booked a time and day an I headed over to the clinic. I was instantly at ease in Darren’s company he is such a warm reassuring character and I felt entirely comfortable opening up to him. EMDR had been previously recommended to me by my DR and a close friend who is a mental health nurse so although I really didn’t understand entirely how it worked I was sure I was making the right decision in giving it a go. We went through the memory and towards the end of the session I could talk about that day without feeling a thing, it is a totally bizarre feeling but bazaar in a good way, in a way that has since now that I have had time to get my head around it I feel it has freed me. I have found myself talking about my father more and more since the session because it no longer evokes negative feelings just thinking about him. I feel now that I get enjoyment from remembering him without the looming upset of that one day. I cant tell you exactly how it works because I think Darren would be the best person to explain this but what I can say is that if you do take the leap then you will leave amazed. Darren has done more for me than what I really could write in any length of review so to that I will leave you with a Thank you so so very much.


I was recommended Darren from a friend when I was in a very low place and needed some coaching. Darren’s got a way of putting me at ease and getting me to talk about things i don’t normally discuss, and whilst I have a good road ahead of me yet, I can already feel the improvements I’m making thanks to Darren’s guidance and extensive range of techniques.


I have been seeing Darren for the past 6/7 months and I can honestly say he has made me feel like a new person.


Darren isn’t your typical therapist in the sense that he’s got one eye on the clock and the other eye on the textbook. Darren is a therapist who’s sole purpose is to go above and beyond to help his clients! It’s March 2021 as I write this and I’ve been a client of his since November 2020. I’ve visited him for multiple reasons and he’s been there to help me for every single one! His prices are more than reasonable considering the amount of work he puts in. I can’t recommend him enough!


I have been working with Darren over the past year and he has helped me come to terms with traumatic events and experiences in my life. I find him to be relatable, compassionate and empathic. I have recommend Darren to many of my connections because he is an excellent therapist with many tools and techniques which make a real difference. Thank you Darren.


Darren is a very caring and extremely competent hypnotherapist. I have always found him to be very professional and he always treats his clients with the utmost respect. He is very knowledgeable and approaches even the most sensitive issues with thoughtfulness and kindness. I would definitely recommend him. He has helped me deal with difficult issues and I know I can reply on him to be supportive and constructive in find solutions for life and whatever it throughs at you.


I could have never imagined just how effective working with Darren would be. 18 months ago, I lost someone very dear to me, through cancer, and I’ve been struggling ever since, or should I say that I had been struggling. I was recommended Darren by a friend, and whilst I was hugely sceptical, I did want things to work. My sleep had been poor, my mood was low and I had lost my enthusiasm for life itself. After just one session, I felt like a weight had been lifted. I’ve continued to work through other stuff, now I know how easy this can be. The recommendation from my friend and the reviews, helped me in my decision and I hope that whatever your looking for help with, that you’ll give Darren the opportunity to help you.

- A B


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