Top tips when choosing a UK-based Hypnotherapist.

So, you have decided to seek the help of a Hypnotherapist, there are still many things to consider, especially as many of those seeking help, will have unsuccessfully tried other forms of therapy. How can we ensure that we are seeking the help of a trained professional and what are the practical aspects to consider as part of your selection process?

Check that the hypnotherapist is registered. 

Did you know that anyone could choose to call themselves a Hypnotherapist and at the time of typing this (10/2/21), it is an unregulated profession and there are no mandatory requirements for hypnotherapists to register with a professional body?

Most Hypnotherapists, will like myself, seek to exhibit a certain level of professionalism and most qualified Hypnotherapists will have registered with at least one professional body, where they will have to evidence things such as, professional liability insurance, supervision, and their continued professional development, along with evidencing their level of qualification. Despite the fact hypnotherapy is unregulated, there are still a great many professional bodies, from which a therapist can choose to join.

As members of a professional body, the therapist will look to adhere to a code of conduct. Some of the larger professional bodies include the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNCH), of which I am a member of both, and there are of course many more from which I could choose. My choice is to go for the larger more well recognised, and some of that decision making process is taken through guidance from training providers.

The NHS recommendation when choosing a hypnotherapist is that you should choose a practitioner who is registered with an organisation that is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority

Check out the hypnotherapist’s background, what training they have completed, and when they started to practice.

In the same way that there are many professional bodies within hypnotherapy, there are also a wide range of differing qualifications and levels of training. So, my advice would be to dig a little deeper, where was the training completed, over what time frame and what level of investment was required.

I, Myself for example, have gone on to complete an Advanced Diploma, which is level 6 qualification.

It is also, important to discover what other complementary skills they might possess, again using myself as an example, I am a Master Practitioner in Neuro-linguistic Programming and skilled in resolving trauma and significant emotional events through eye movement therapy. These skills combine well together, along with the fact, I am a Qualified Coach, Motivation Therapist and I have been mentoring since the 1990’s.

How long some has been a Hypnotherapist, is another element to consider and within this it is worth considering not just solely when they qualified, but also, what additional qualifications have they taken, along with the types of issues they help with. Someone could be highly qualified, have held a professional qualification for a considerable time, yet they still lack experience of have not practised for a while, although, in this case, it is less likely they will have maintained their professional membership and professional indemnity insurance.

A good way to check out some of this might be, to check whether they have an active presence on social media, as most businesses tend to have things such as Facebook business profiles.

Not everyone would choose to have a strong social media presence, so another way of checking, would be, do they have reviews to share and when did they last receive a review? It is important to add here, that some professional bodies frown on reviews and there can be confidentiality issues with reviews being left, however, it would be impossible to stop someone from sharing how they feel.

With that in mind, I use a special review software, that brings all the reviews together in one place, it only displays the first letter of the surname, along with the opportunity to leave reviews anonymously. There are people that fabricate reviews, and I was recently approached by a company from overseas offering to sell me reviews, in effect paying people to leave false ones.

I have also seen on Google, where a local therapist, who shall remain nameless, had very few reviews, with one been from a family member, that I believe to be her husband. Trust your gut instinct when checking out your Hypnotherapist.

You can see reviews of my work by clicking the link below and I am understandably proud of these.

Look for recommendations from others.

Asking friends, family, relatives, or work colleagues, you might even find your doctor can recommend a Hypnotherapist. Whilst recommendations are good, do also, discuss whether the therapist has experience in working with the issue or issues which you would like to resolve.

How much should they charge?

Prices will of course vary greatly, depending on where you live, the service you are looking to access, and the session lengths will differ most likely differ. As a general guide you are looking at £50-£100 per hour, you will find sessions for less and you will also find them for more.

You may also find that some therapists charge more to help with certain issues like smoking, and it is not uncommon to see therapists charging double, three times or even more for these sessions. I choose to charge on a per session basis, without charging a premium.

Along with how much the Hypnotherapist charges, another consideration would be, how long do sessions last, again I have seen these ranging from 50 minutes to two hours.

I prefer the first session to be at least 75 minutes and any future sessions last a minimum of an hour.

I personally, have never been a fan of those that sell packages/blocks of sessions and what happens when the issue is resolved sooner!? Do consider this and ask questions.

If you have health insurance, you could be able to claim for your hypnotherapy sessions, insurance providers will most likely want the practitioner to be registered with one of the larger professional bodies.

Along with how much a therapist might charge, none should be offering guarantees, so be wary of any Hypnotherapist that offers a guarantee.

Check out the consultation process and whether they offer a free consultation.

It is always great to try before you buy and I have always offered people the option to spend 30 minutes discussing their requirements, either in person, on the phone or via webcam. My preference is for telephone or webcam, although, I have happily seen people in person where that has been their preference. 

A free consultation will help you find out whether you and the therapist are a good fit for each other. No matter how good a therapist is at what they do, you want to feel that there is good rapport and that you will be comfortable working together, and this applies to both the therapist and client.

If you would like to schedule a no-obligation discovery call with me, you can easily book this is via the link below.

Where will the therapy take place?

As part of your decision-making process, I would encourage you to consider where the therapy will take place.

Some Hypnotherapists will work from home and consideration should be given to privacy and whether the session will be free from interruption.

Have you seen any pictures of what the therapy room looks like, and is it located within an established practice?

Is there parking nearby, is there free parking available, is there easy access, especially if important where mobility issues are of a concern.

For hypnotherapy online, I would ask you to consider privacy issues at your end, where possible choose a day and time where you are most likely to find privacy and a session which is free from interruption. Also, choose somewhere comfortable to rest and relax throughout the session. I will often do a session in two halves; much depends on the client’s environment and what technology they might use to access the session.

How many sessions will I need?

This is question that I am often asked, sometimes before I have even had chance to discuss what the client’s requirement are. Also, I think there can be over expectation on the part of client’s, where they have seen someone being hypnotised on stage or TV, 3-2-1, you are back in the room and your issue has disappeared.

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic process and whilst I have seen many wonderful transformations in those that I have helped, it is important to note, that we are all different and some issues are more complex than others.

I believe that suggestibility plays a part in rapid transformation, we are all suggestable, some more than others and those seen on stage and TV are at the more highly suggestable end of the spectrum.

Along with this, there is a requirement for a good level of desire on the part of the individual to make the change, no-one can be made to do something against their will and the hypnotist is not in control of the subject. Anyone going on stage or TV, knows something silly is highly likely to happen and they are prepared and willing for this to be the case.

I have had people come, such as smokers, where someone else is looking for them to stop, they use the Hypnotherapist as a way to continue the habit unchallenged, I have tried everything including hypnotherapy and nothing works.

Ask a therapist how many sessions it typically takes to resolve an issue, and I encourage people to try a session to see what they think of my methods.

It is unusual for clients to see me for any length of time and I have for example resolved phobia in a single session and had die hard smokers stop after just a single session.

It is important to add, that I can resolve single layer trauma in just a single session, and this is achieved via eye movement therapy which in some respects is an eyes open hypnotic state.

To help you gain a greater understanding of what I have helped my clients achieve, I would always encourage you to check out what others say about me and my work by reading through views and the second link lets you schedule that all important discovery call with me.


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