"I understand the impact of worrying excessively and it is this that we wish to alleviate"

Hypnotherapy for Worrying

There is significant research that has been undertaken about hypnotherapy and its efficacy, although many of the trials have small sample groups.

With this in mind, I shall talk more about my experience in alleviating the symptoms of anxiety, panic and worry.

Worrying about something that may never come to pass, or something that should really be a cause for concern, is neither pleasant, nor beneficial. For those that start feeling anxious or apprehensive when thinking about future events, it can cause a great deal of anguish, discomfort, and distress.


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"As I find within a great deal of my work, the past plays a significant part within the present"

When I start working with clients that are clinically displaying these symptoms, I make use of a paper-based tool called GAD-7, with GAD standing for General Anxiety Disorder, and I can evidence numerous successes within anxiety reduction.

It is important to note, that it would be possible to completely eradicate it, and I often smile when I see therapists saying you can be free from anxiety. Anxiety serves a purpose, and one of the main functions relates to our safety.

The good news is, I understand the impact of worrying excessively and it is this that we wish to alleviate.

Some might use the terms, hypothetical worry, and real event worry.

As I find within a great deal of my work, the past plays a significant part within the present. What do I mean by this, well it is a complex subject matter, when speaking about PTSD and significant emotional events, so, to help you best understand, I will use an example of where I have helped a client that worried excessively.

They had been involved in a road traffic accident as a passenger, this had an impact on both their confidence behind the wheel and more so, whenever they were a passenger in a car.

The accident had happened several years ago, and if left unresolved, the trauma would have had a lasting effect on their ability to travel in a motor vehicle.

Once we resolved the trauma, through the work I do with eye movement therapy, we then had a solid foundation on which to being using hypnotherapy, using positive suggestion. Talking about all the thousands of miles they have driven without incident, how they were a capable driver and even more so, now they were considerably less fearful behind the wheel of a car, due to the work we had completed.

I could list hundreds of different reasons why someone might worry, things like being cheated on and worrying that a new partner will do the same or having a difficult interview and imagining all future interviews will be that challenging.

I am well equipped to help where worry is concerned and left untreated, it can have devasting on different areas of a person’s life.

Why choose me to help?

Around 1% of UK Hypnotherapists complete an advanced hypnotherapy qualification and whilst I am unsure of the actual numbers within each professional body, and even less so overseas, I know that this is the case with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and within my membership of the General Hypnotherapy Register. I have made the effort and investment required to complete this next phase of my professional development and can call myself an Advanced Practitioner.

In studying for my Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma (NQF 6), I was fortunate enough to study with ex-Sheffield Hallam University lecturer Doctor Paul Peace, Philosophy (PHD), Psychology, and Karen Bartle who holds a master’s degree in Health/Medical Psychology.

Throughout my career as a Hypnotherapist, I have been fortunate to study with people whom I consider to be some of the best in the business and in addition to studying with Karen and Paul, I trained with Matthew Ferguson and he has worked with Olympic athletes, Doctors and Psychiatrists to name but a few professions and he has over 25 years’ experience of Hypnosis and Clinical Hypnotherapy, and he also shared some fantastic knowledge and expertise with me.

I was also, fortunate enough to study with Nick Davies who created the BLAST Technique®

The studying I completed with Nick, sees me able to resolve negative memories through eye movement, and this is one of the most valuable skills I possess. I have studied numerous times with him and there are less than 50 Advanced BLAST Technique practitioner® in the world (3/2/21), of which I am one.

In short, I have an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, I am a Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic programming, a skilled eye movement therapist, a qualified Advanced BLAST Technique practitioner®, as well as also being a Motivation Therapist and Coach. I have helped thousands of people and I am confident that my help will positively make a difference, however, rather take my word for this, I would encourage you to read the reviews left by others, you can do this by clicking the link below.



So, if you are looking for a skilled hypnotherapist, with a wealth of experience in helping people to excel in their chosen discipline or field, then I recommend you get in touch, knowing that I can help wherever in the world you might be.